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Using an Auto Image Function

Sponsored by: Auto Image is a feature found on many modern thermal imagers. While this feature may be helpful in certain imaging situations, its usage can cause thermographers to overlook significant thermal anomalies. Humans have come to rely on technology to make our lives easier. We frequently take for granted how many mundane chores of

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Infrared Imaging and Mold Detection

As concerns regarding indoor air quality increase, there is increasing concern with respect to mold. Used properly, a thermal imager can help identify areas of potential mold growth. Mold is a ubiquitous single cell organism that tends to favor moist environments. Of the thousand species of mold found worldwide, many are harmless; however, certain species

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Tortoise and the Hare

  Everyone has heard the fabled race between the in which the tortoise beats the hare. One of the morals of the story is that a steady pace may be more fruitful than erratic bursts of speed. Thermographers who perform infrared inspections should keep in mind that a slow and steady pace can lead to

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