Volatile Organic Compound Testing in Louisiana

Volatile Organic Compound Testing in Louisiana

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Are your loved ones experiencing new or worsening health problems? They may be unknowingly exposed to dangerous levels of volatile organic compounds. If you suspect that your building is home to these hidden dangers, call Bayou State Inspections. Our team will collect a proper type and number of samples needed to diagnosis your environment. These can include air, swab, bulk, tape lift, canister, and liquid testing. These samples will be tested to make sure your building's VOC levels are safe and not a threat to your health. If we find that your building has higher levels than normal, we'll recommend an effective solution that will restore your air quality.

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Bayou State Inspections of Lafayette, LA is dedicated to keeping you and your loved ones safe with our inspection services. We offer volatile organic compound testing that will determine if your dwelling's indoor environment is within normal and / or acceptable levels. This is a very specialized test and only a few inspectors in the state of Louisiana are certified in this discipline. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends VOC testing to protect against health issues like headaches, nausea and damage to the liver or kidneys. As part of our service, our professional commercial inspectors will measure and report your building's total levels of:

  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Toxic formaldehyde
  • Elevated microbial spores both viable and non-viable
  • Bacteria testing
  • Asbestos testing
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