Find Out if Your Louisiana Home Is Housing Hidden Dangers

Bring in Bayou State Inspections for a home inspection in Lafayette, Louisiana area including Alexandria and Lake Charles

Your house is supposed to be the safe space you come home to after a long day, but how do you know it's truly safe? Bayou State Inspections will complete a thorough home inspection that will give you peace of mind. We are certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors and have completed more than 12,000 home inspections in our 25 years in business. Our team will carefully comb through your home to ensure that it is in top condition and there aren't any hidden threats to your family's health!

Schedule your inspection today by calling Bayou State Inspections at 337-988-9020. Our company performs inspections on homes across the state of Louisiana!

Comprehensive home inspection services in Lafayette, LA and throughout the state including Alexandria and Lake Charles

Bayou State Inspections has extensive experience handling home inspections of all types! Our highly trained professionals can provide for all of your inspection needs. You can rely on us for:

Mold testing | Air quality testing | Thermal Imaging | Volatile organic compound testing

No matter how big your property is, our team is equipped to handle the job. Get in touch with Bayou State Inspections to see what our home inspector can do for you!

Trying to Sell Your Home? It's Time for an Inspection.

When you're trying to sell your place, it's essential to schedule a home inspection before getting it appraised and putting it on the market. Skipping an inspection could cost you thousands of dollars if a potential buyer notices an area in need of repair before putting in an offer. Lafayette, Louisiana's Bayou State Inspections will come to your property and make sure that you're aware of any items in need of replacement or repair prior to closing the deal. Our home inspectors will thoroughly go through your home to ensure that every component is in the advertised condition. This will allow you to sell your home faster and at a better price!

Be aware of potential problems long before potential buyers are. Reach out to Bayou State Inspections today.

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