IR Electrical Scans

Infrared Thermal Scanning is a useful tool to help determine electrical problems before they become disruptive to company production. Power loss can stop production and cause data and communications loss that could cost you weeks or months of setbacks.

Property risk management has clearly proven that regular IR Electrical Scans of electrical panels, disconnects, bus systems, and motor controllers will help reduce failure rates and provide important trending data for your electrical assets. This can also reduce your insurance costs making ROI instant.

Changing electrical components before failure, at regularly scheduled maintenance periods, can keep all phases of your company production, storage and office facilities up and running at peak efficiency.


Infrared Electrical Switchgear inspections keep electrical components online and productive to keep your company profitable. Electricity is a powerful tool to increase production in today's world. Circuit breakers are designed to handle safe electrical flow, but problems with motors, compressors and other electrical components can generate heat and cause failures in breakers, fuses and other switchgear components.


Before mechanical components fail they begin to heat up. Infrared thermography utilizing sensitive imaging equipment can be utilized to perform mechanical infrared inspections.

Highly trained Level III Thermographers document and provide a visual representation of the heat present in mechanical components making it a cost effective method allowing facility personnel to plan, schedule and address problems before components fail, reducing the occurrence of ancillary damage, personnel/safety hazards or production downtime.