Bayou State Inspections


Take a look at the photos below. These pictures were taken at various home inspections that our home inspector preformed in Lafayette, Alexandria, Lake Charles, and throughout the rest of Louisiana. In the photos you can see that the circuit breakers & wires have overheated. This can be very dangerous. However, electrical fires happen more then you think. This is one of the most common things that our home inspector finds yet it is also one of the most extremely easy things to correct. Over heating electrical components are one of the many things that we check during our inspection. You will also see several photos of water damage. Water damage is another common thing that our home inspector typically finds at home inspections. In some of the photos the damage is visible to the common eye. In other cases the damage is not visible without our thermal imaging camera. Nothing else can detect that type of moisture defect other then infrared. The sooner that you can catch water damage the better. Once signs start to show in your home the problem can be more costly to fix.