National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

NFPA 70B is now a Standard

NFPA 70B governs condition-based maintenance for electrical equipment used in industrial, institutional, commercial, and large multi-family residential dwellings. But now that 70B is a standard, its provisions are mandatory once an authority having jurisdiction (typically a state, city, or municipality) formally adopts it. This standard then becomes the law, and electricians and building owners are required to follow it. Many insurance companies and risk managers recommend and/or pressure their clients into performing IR Surveys -usually every three (3) years. One requiremec in the new standard it will become an ANNUAL IR Survey of Electrical Equipment! In the short term, the proliferation and adoption of this standard could create a shortage of qualified infrared thermographers to perform these important electrical surveys.

Facilities should call and request annual inspection contracts to prepare for this shortage and to comply with these Standards as it will affect the costs of Insurance and Insured Qualifications.


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