National & International Standards to Establish How Infrared Febrile Scans Are Performed & Minimal Equipment Requirements

There are other national and international standards that are in place to establish how these Infrared Febrile Scans are performed and minimal equipment requirements. These recommendations have not been waived; however, these standards are considered voluntary with 510K requirements temporarily waived. These standards, ISO/TR 13154 and IEC – 80601-2-59 have recommendations that require 320 x 240 IR detector array for accuracy, equipment temperature tolerances, face size on the scan area, black body implementation to improve scanning accuracy and integrated software and a repeatable process to verify validity of the scan.

There are long back orders on most camera systems, so your startup options are limited in the short term. Infrared-A Closer Look Inc. is trying to balance the needs of our clients, their budget for Infrared equipment that already has compliance with ISO/TR 13154 and IEC-80601-2-59…. or will have equipment before the 510K certification is reinstated. Our priorities for helping you to keep your workplace safe with an effective Fever Screening process in place. Those priorities are as follows.

  • 320 x240 (or larger) Infrared detector using Long Wave IR Camera
  • Equipment accuracy of 0.5° C or better
  • Integrated software with semi autonomous function or Artificial Intelligence (AI) for face recognition capability to minimize inaccurate readings not from face area.
  • Black body integration or plans for a Black Body integration in the hardware / software package.
  • Manufacturer and Equipment reliability