Infrared Fever Screening & Detecting Fevers

Infrared Fever Screening & Detecting Fevers

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Thermography has been used for years in the field of scanning for elevated body temperatures. Body temperature screenings of personnel entering your facilities using infrared (IR) cameras makes sense for your business now more than ever. We can help you screen visitors, contractors, and employees at whatever security level you plan to achieve.
Bayou State Inspections is a professional thermographic consulting and testing company. We work diligently to meet and exceed our clients’ needs while following National and International Guidelines. “Opening up America Again” is a guidance plan for citizens and businesses to get back to work. This guidance, issued by the White House and CDC, recommends temperature checks for employers. Installing fever screening stop checks in building entryways will give employers and employees alike a sense of security and confidence about returning to work.

We Can Help You Protect Your Business:

Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and the ADA” Section III B allows employers to take their employees’ temperature to determine whether or not they have a fever during an influenza pandemic. Please keep in mind that someone having a fever does not necessarily mean that they have COVID-19. ISO / TR 13154 and IEC 80601 guidelines have not been waived. IACL believes that any Infrared Imager should be able to meet these ISO and IEC guidelines. Additionally, there are asymptomatic people who could have COVID-19 and not have a fever. The Elevated Body Temperature Scan is deemed a medical examination and subject to ADA confidentiality.

Let us support your company by using accurate and repeatable fever screening procedures (with traceable standards) and expert consulting.

Thermal Imaging Partners (TIP) a national network of Certified Level 3 Infrared Thermographers who have been specifically trained in the application of thermal imaging humans entering facilities using infrared thermal imaging (IR thermography). Each contractor is required to first be trained & certified by completing an intensive multi-hour Body Temperature Screening Course through Infraspection Institute. James E. Yaeger, veteran owner of Bayou State Inspections, is a certified Level 3 Infrared Thermographer, license number: 10991.

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